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Subject: Re: [DNA] answer to question about Celts in Turkey
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003 20:13:47 -0600
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Thank you! So if a person with an Irish sounding surname whose family oral
history said they were Scots-Irish got an exotic haplogroup results, it
might just be a fluke, indicating that our ancestors got around more than we
thought. In other words, should this person start looking for some really
far out theory to explain his results? Or just accept that the Celts were
composed of several tribes (anciently) and carried more than one haplogroup
on their journey into the British Isles?

Janet Crain

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Subject: [DNA] answer to question about Celts in Turkey

> There were no "Turks" in Turkey, only groups of Indo-European speaking
> peoples, descenadants of mtDNA Ursula and Helena that is U5 and H and
> before the Central Asians entered. If you go back 30,000 years you have
> Ukraine ice age refugium peoples living there. Then the neolithic farmers
> from Syria going north. By the bronze age you have Celts moving from
> Europe to Turkey along with Greeks who have genes that cluster with
> Austrians in the West, Hittites in Central, and Armenians in East who
> cluster with Atlantic Modal Type in the majority and a minority with
> that have U3 mtDNA and J1a1 Y chromosomes at a high level, among others.
> was only after 800 CE that Turks from the Altai moved to Anatolia, before
> that it was a Greek-speaking area made up of the descendants of Trojans,
> Hittites, Ururtians, Hurrians, Cimmerians, Lydians, and others. You have
> all these tribes, and the Celts were another tribe that settled
> there were no Turks speaking Turish, a language originating in the Altai
> related to Mongol dialects. However, this was the bronze age. If you go
> 33,000 years, that area of Anatolia/Cappadocia (Turkey) was inhabited by
> people who lived in Eastern and North Central Europe as well as Iranic
> peoples. The old Ice Age refugium for these people who live there and in
> Balkans was originally the Ukraine, and before the Ukraine, the Caucasus,
> before that Central Asia, and before that about 51,000 years ago NW
> India/Pakistan.
> Anne Hart
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