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I'm also curious if the person whom you match of the other surname group
matches others within his surname. In other words, if he matches
several people, or near misses, but is clearly within his surname group
- and suddenly you match him (ala depending on how the matching and
missing is done - match them too) - then perhaps that is different from
he's an only one and so are you and you happen to match. Maybe he
matches your group closer than his own, or maybe the two groups are only
a match or two away as a whole. I'd look a little closer I think at
these things and how the "counting" has been done.


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How common is the haplotype for your husband? Does he
have a lot of 12 marker matches? If he has many 12 marker
and a few 'near' matches at 25 then it may be random. If his haplotype
is fairly rare, i.e. no 12 marker matches, then it is probably worth
following up.
I think we are going to see a lot of this in the future
as the number of people tested increases. It can only be
resolved on an individual basis by combining the paper genealogy and
careful interpretation of the DNA results.

Keep us posted on how you handle the new information.

Dennis West
Janet wrote:

> I just learned that my husband matches a DNA participant in another
> surname group 24/25. The difference is at 464a. The other participant
> has a 15, while my husband has a 14. The surnames DO NOT match. They
> are not even close.
> Janet Crain

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