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From: Ó Flannagáin <>
Subject: Re: Re: [DNA] Getting participants to join and then follow through
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 6:51:33 -0500

I suppose that I've been fortunate so far, with the biggest complaint being the cost [of course we only have 6 members thus far but always looking]. A cousin through a related line is trying to get her first cousin to participate [I've agreed to pay for his test] but he simply hasn't responded. As for the gov, I share the distrust but I figure they know anything about me that they want anyways, whether I like it or not and tell folks that. Are they going to be so paranoid as to take a coffee cup home from a fast food restaurant and burn it? If they want my DNA they can likely get it many ways... :) I'm would not going to let them stop me from trying to identify the various Flanagan lines through paper and biological evidnce.... :)

Gary F.
Date: 2003/11/17 Mon AM 12:40:22 EST
Subject: Re: [DNA] Getting participants to join and then follow through

I've been following these comments with great interest. I have asked one of
my first cousins to participate in a DNA test, and somewhat to my surprise, he
agreed. I am paying for the test, and it will only show my name as the point
of contact. I've been fortunate that most of my family has been quite
interested in the results of my family's test. I can share people's concerns that they
somehow think that there's some government "DNA site" that rounds up all the
DNA tests, but I am a member of the military, and the only reason my DNA is on
file is to identify me in case of an accident. I'm pretty happy with FTDNA,
and I've been able to reassure my relatives on that issue, even though some are
very anti-medicine, due to religious beliefs.

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