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From: "Nicholas Penington" <>
Subject: [DNA] RE:A Y HG I example and question
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 12:30:25 -0500

According to Barac et al the "Dinaric" or Croatian sequence for DYS
19,390,391,392,393 is 16-24-11-11-13 they call this the DMH! North
Europeans have 14-23-10-11-13 this is 2.47 and its one step neighbors
2.47+. Your participants look like 2.47+ types! I wouldn't call it a
Viking haplotype to keep some on this list happy!
It seems that the three sequences you have are probably related, although
25 markers might be called for.

The difference between C and B is in a fast moving marker. The original
state for DYS 19 is probably a 14 but it is early on to say. N.P.

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