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From: David Faux <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] FTDNA Haplogroup Database
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 10:23:17 -0800 (PST)
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Shane: The main point is to look for matches in Wales, Scotland and Ireland in relation to Norway, Denmark, Shetland and Iceland (for example). If lots of matches with the former cluster, probably Celtic; if few to none, and matches with the latter, and if one's ancestors are from say England, then a non - Celtic hypothesis needs to be assessed. Here is where looking at even 3 mutation "matches" can be somewhat instructive - does Denmark or Norway or France predominate. The answer to that will help point an individual in one direction or another. Until we have more extensive databases, everything re R1b must be tentative - but in my case there is at present no other reasonable interpretation - Norman, but from Norway originally - and before that who knows. It really boils down to a pattern analysis. I do this so often with my Shetland Project that I think that I can spot profiles for certain ancestries - or maybe I am just deluding myself (I don't think so, but there !
is an
unknown error rate in this approach).


Shane <> wrote:


I just went back and took another look at my Haplogroup results.

Under exact matches, I only have one match to Northern Ireland.

Under the one-step group my biggest number of matches are for:


Not really sure if anything can be made of this. At first glance one would
have to consider the Norwegian Vikings then the Island Celts.


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