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From: "Annie, The WritingTeacher" <>
Subject: [DNA] FTDNA's excellent Jewish DNA-driven Genealogy Special Interest Group and others
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 10:47:17 -0800

For those interested in research on 'Jewish' DNA-driven genealogy, there's
an excellent Jewish DNA-driven genealogy group administrated by FTDNA's Mr.
Bennett Greenspan, President of FTDNA and David Rothschild, M.D., Vice
President of FTDNA. The FTDNA scientific board includes Dr. Mike Hammer,
University of Arizona and Co-author on numerous genetic papers including
those on the Cohanim gene, Max Rothschild, Ph.D. professor at Iowa State
University, geneticist, and Dr. Bruce Walsh, University of Arizona,
population geneticist. These scientists will be consulted or will answer
questions directly in order to provide more specific scientific and
statistical data as needed on the list. It's listed under

Hope this helps. I'm also researching the Association of Personal Historians
and related associations for a variety of ethnic DNA-driven genealogy topics
related to visual anthropology.

There's also another Web site at:
Titled "The Geography and History of 'Jewish' Genes."

Anne Hart
DNA-related, oral and personal history research, and genealogy broadcasts
and articles at:

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