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Subject: RE: [DNA] RE Haplogroup I...sub-group break-out
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 13:00:25 -0600
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I believe that when we break-out the "most ancient" Haplogroup I (Hg2) into
its component sub-groups that many of us will be surprised..... Since I is
one most ancient of haplogroups, it is even probably more diverse than even
the YCC academics have defined in the their now infamous FIGURE 1 SNP
Hierarchical Tree...and may go out several more sub-branches......

I would like to see all of the haplogroup testing, include a "rider" for
each participant to add a test for SNP's to identify his
sub-haplogroup...(note FTDNA has a good lead in identifying these

Once this test information is compiled, I believe our dialogue here will be
qualified with NRY and SNP testing results that show geographical sub-groups
pockets that can be correlated more closely to historic Viking, Jute, Celt
or Germanic invasions....

Right now without these scientific results....all of need a "flashlight in
this darkness" as we have precious little scientific information to go on.


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Subject: [DNA] RE Haplogroup I

The point is that the haplotypes found in the Balkans are quite different
those found in Scandinavia see paper by Barac et al Eur. J. Hum. Genetics
11, 535 (2003).

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