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From: Kenny Hedgpeth <>
Subject: [DNA] faster then average mutation rates ?
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 00:27:21 -0800

I recently un-checked the private box for my Y-DNA test results at
FamilyTree-DNA ... and was quite surprise to see 35 matches for the 12
marker test ... all are various surnames other than any of the
H*D*P*TH's I would be searching for ... I contacted them all any, out of
curiosity :) Most of them that replied that had upgraded their test
results to the 25 markers, show that we have 4 to 5 marker's that differ
by the count of one ...

But there is one that stands out, as 4 of the 5 mismatches with this
person are within those marker's that FamilyTree-DNA has denoted that
they have a faster mutation rate then the average ...

with Tony's permission I am listing both of our 13 additional marker
results ... as we both are interested in how to read and compare future
results ...

Tony Mitchell has these number's for his additional 13 marker's
17- 9-10-11-11-25-15-19-29-15-15-17-18
and my additional 13 marker's line up like this ...
18- 9-10-11-11-25-15-20-28-15-15-16-17

markers 13, 21,24 and 25 are those noted to be in the faster mutation
rate in this example.

perhaps those more experienced in this comparing test results can shed
some light and or your thoughts about those faster then average mutation
rates ? ? ?

Ken Hedgpeth ~ Arcadia, CA ~ USA
hdpth-DNA group coordinator

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