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From: "Alan Derriscott" <>
Subject: [DNA] Barac et al, 2003, HgI
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 10:25:21 -0000

Dear Nick Penington

Do you know of any specific scientific paper which refutes the claim
in Barac et al, 2003, that:-
Haplogroup I, one of the few haplogroups of Palaeolithic European origin,
present in Croatians in the highest frequency noticed in Europe so far,
could potentially classify this area as a birth place of this mutation as
well as a source of its post-LGM spread in europe? **

Do you think Barac et al, used the findings of O.Semino et al,2000,
(this paper is listed in their ref.note no.41) to quote this ancient
lineage of HgI?

Best wishes,Alan.

Alan J.Derriscott,
Wallasey, Wirral, England,

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