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Subject: RE: [DNA] Re: DNA Haplogroup I--Viking or Anglo-Saxon?
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 14:19:27 -0500

I hadn't checked against the REO for some time, and was amazed at the

I am R1a confirmed by SNP.

Exact Match
Countries - Belarus, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland,
Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Romania, Russia and Unknown.

16 total matches of which by the comment section 3 were Ashkenazi or
Ashkenazi-Levite, I Uygur and 1 Native Siberian, and 10 not specified.
(2 matches each in Denmark, England and Russia, all others 1/country).

One Step mutations
Austria, Belarus, Croatia, England, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary,
Iceland, India, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Mongolia, Poland,
Romania, Russia, Shetland, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria,
Ukraine, United Kingdom, Unknown, and Uzbekistan

98 total matches of which 50 were Ashkenazi or Ashkenazi-Levite, 1
Russian, 1 Native Siberian, 1 Arab, and 44 not specified. Most frequent
matches by country: Austria 9, Belarus 6, England 6, Germany 14, Hungary
5, India 9, Lithuania 5, Poland 9, Russia 5,

The pattern is the same for 2 step mutations. For 25 markers 1 23/25
match from Ireland with my third cousin.

To conserve space I haven't included the 2 step mutation values, but it
is more of the same.

Does any one care to comment on this concordance.

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Subject: [DNA] Re: DNA Haplogroup I--Viking or Anglo-Saxon?

Hello List,

On the 12 Marker DNA Test of FTDNA I show the following results on the
Recent Ethnic Origins:


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