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From: "Annie, The WritingTeacher" <>
Subject: [DNA] Where do the Dinaric peoples come from geographically?
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 18:15:55 -0800

Where do the "Dinaric' people come from geographically and at what date in
prehistory, if possible? Dinaric peoples are tall and have very long legs
and are found among the Olympic runners, coming from the area around the
Adriatic and the Balkans, Croatia, etc. They seem to look nearly identical
to the Armenoid people of Eastern Anatolia as far as facial and skull
shapes, but Armenoids are shorter than Dinarics. My question: Are Dinarics
and Armenoids the same people or have the same common ancestor in a
particular geographic area such as Georgia or Armenia?

Anne Hart
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