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From: "Louis" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Y DNA haplogroup I1b2, etc. - Sardinia info now available
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 20:03:25 -0800
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Hi Bonnie,

Very fascinating!!!! Great job!! I find it interesting that both J2 and
R1b, the 2 highest frequencies in Calabria, were not found yet in my
ancestors. Ok, need to get more men to participate! Also interesting, my
Papallo cousin from Calabria tested R1a and the chart says 0% for Calabria
(and I expect the same from my Papallo ancestor, results due any day now
from FtDNA!)

Also interesting, since my part of Calabria has more Greek Derived Surnames
than any other part of Italy (from The History and Geography of Human Genes
by Cavalli-Sforza), and Gioiosa Ionica was a known Greek Colony, it will be
interesting to see if the % will mimic that of Greece.

Thanks again for this post:)

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Subject: [DNA] Y DNA haplogroup I1b2, etc. - Sardinia info now available

> Hi all,
> Just wanted to apologize for how badly that table came out -- I saw it
> in the archive and it was useless! I guess I'll have to post it on my
> website. Maybe no one will look at it, but what the heck.
> You may find the table on this page:
> I've also created a page with some other interesting material on
> Sardinia, taken from a paper from 2002, "Y genetic data support the
> Neolithic demic diffusion model," which attempts to refute the
> conclusions of Semino, et al. I'm not promoting this pro-Neolithic
> view, but it's interesting to know about. The page with the highlights
> of the paper is at:
> Hope someone finds them useful.
> Bonnie Schrack
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