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From: "Nancy Custer" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] Marker Frequency in Population Tables
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 13:23:04 -0800
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>At one time I found a nice set of tables on a web site that showed the
actual percentage of each marker value found in testing populations.
This web site has some, but
not all of them. I have looked and looked and cannot find the original
site I had found that has many more of them. Does anyone know where it
is? Seems it was buried in something else. Can't believe I didn't
bookmark it. Thanks.


Roberta and all,

The Contexo site is mine and the frequencies are calculated from the
ystr database representing over 12,000 entries.

Both John Blair,, and Dennis
( have
collected marker values from various scientific papers and surname
project websites and provided frequency charts and other analyses.

While limited to the markers of the ystr database, my frequencies
represent a more ramdom/global sample for those values. (This in spite
of the fact that the ystr database is biased toward the areas and
numbers sampled. When you consider a world population of over 6
billion, 12,000 is a small sample size!) However, I use John and
Dennis's analyses for the other makers frequently to analyse results
from my Dorsey project. They have both put a tremendous amount of work
into their websites for which we are all grateful! I haven't compared
the results from all three sites though perhaps we should.

You can also find a frequency analysis on the ybase site at They warn that the database is
probably skewed due to multiple entries from surname projects.


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