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Subject: [DNA] Thanks for the link
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 19:23:52 -0800

Thanks for the link. My reference book says a Dinaric is a person who is at
least 33% Alpine and the rest Mediterranean, and a Noric is a person who is
at least 33% Alpine and the rest Nordic, as far as anthropomorphic
descriptions are concerned. In the old Carlton Coon anthropology books of
the fifties you saw photos of extreme male examples of each of the so-called
races of Europe. I heard none of these descriptions are used today since DNA
testing is part of archaeogenetics. A Dinaric person doesn't come from any
special geographic location, I learned, anybody who is round-headed and
short faced who marries a person who is long headed and narrow-faced/long
faced will possibly produce a Dinaric child. If the child's hair is dark,
he's called a Dinaric. If the child's hair is light, he's called a Noric.
These people are spread from North Central Europe to Afghanistan/Iran, and
from the Middle East to Finland, but most often found either in Armenia or
along the Adriatic and in Central Italy/Western Greece. That's about all I
can find. The other sources are really old anthroplogy books such as Carlton
Coon's 1948 book, which is so outdated that it still sits in community
college libraries, but the photos are interesting examples of extreme faces
from Estonia and Finland, etc. Thanks for the link.

Anne Hart
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