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Subject: Re: [DNA] "Newbie"/Can't be lazy!!!
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 11:10:37 EST

Hi, all:
Being a "newbie" myself, I can identify with what a new person is referring
to with regard to the heaviness of the information present here.....however,
one must take a personal responsibility to DIG out, in their own personal way or
situation, data that matches his/her particular set of circumstances. There
are libraries to use (if I had just used the computer to do my 20 years of
genealogy research, I would be back at about 5 ancestors!!) "could" take a
bit of money to buy some very good books....for example, ones that Ann has
recommended and that David F. has recommended....and I like Oxford Ancestor's
Byron Sykes books. To my way of thinking, Dr. Sykes puts almost everything in a
palatable format.

So, the short of it is this....dig, dig, dig.....your case (DNA), and your
needs could prove to be so different from mine, for if I gave you
a direction to go, maybe it wouldn't fit. I don't think anything good comes
easily. I have several projects going at once and DNA is one of them....I get
bogged down and just cruise for awhile, then I pick up speed in
all of this, I must develop a patience with it all!! AND, google, google,

I love the site.....I don't want anyone to "dumb down" the e-list we have
now. If I don't "get it" I can go to the library, or several magazines that are
out right now with palatable/readable language re: DNA. I admit, every now
and then I do say some dumb things on this list, but I guess most have forgiven
me!! And I try to become more enlightened.....
Regards to all, and a great thanks to the nice learned folks on this list
that answer questions, etc. etc.
Barb By.
(an old lady and her dog!!)

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