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Subject: Re: Black Death was Re: [DNA] END of Thread for me re Viking ancestry
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 12:08:22 EST

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> This is not the picture I have seen in Scotland. In truth one does have
> little
> to draw on in terms of records for mid to late 1300s but apprentice rolls
> for the 1500s and 1600s are abundant. In my research of the Kincaids who
> were mostly of good rank in the gentry class. There are marriages to
> children
> of the Earls of Rothes and Menteith so they were certainly of society.
> However,
> while brewars and merchants were the preferred, the younger sons or their
> offspring became tailors, skinners, baxters, etc. If it were so in the
> 1500s and 1600s
> one can't rule it out as being possible for the late 1300s. From what I
> have seen it
> is more likely that the trade ranks were filled more with those falling in
> rank than
> those rising from the lower classes.

This may well not be the picture in Scotland, because Scotland did not get
conquered by the Normans, did not have a feudal system but a clan system and,
until 1603 was a totally different country with a different King and government.
English held their land as vassals of the King (who owned everything) and
the land owning process involved parcelling the land into smaller and smaller
sections for the land owners who received dues from those below them in rank and
paid dues to those above them. The indigenous people tended not to have been
given anything, they just paid their dues to those above them in terms of
tithes to the church, rent, normally in labour, but also in military service when
required, to their lord. Younger sons of land owners became churchmen, lawyers
The Scottish system was rather different and seems from what I have heard of
it to be less strict in its rules about where ones place was in the society.
John Clare

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