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Subject: RE: [DNA] Newbie Links
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 12:11:21 -0500
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I agree with grouping the newbie stuff into topical groups. It seems
that we have a few major groups of questions, roughly as follows, and
that we might want to group references as such also:

Selecting a Testing Company - who is out there, what is available, and
what does it all mean - right now one of my other lineage groups is
going through this and there are a lot of people with a little bit of
info - and sometimes it's incorrect - partly because things change so
rapidly on this end of the DNA world. I think that FTDNA recently had a
comparison in one of their publications (of course I can't find it right
this minute)and we might want to start with that and perhaps update it
and be sure it isn't biased (no offense meant here). Also maybe a
comparison of which companies test what, and how many markers they test
in the various tests. People just beginning this process don't even
know the questions to ask yet, let alone the implications of the
answers. David Faux's mother's stored DNA is a case in point. It's
really important now.

Which Test to Choose - and Why - what do I get and what will it mean?
If I want to XXX, should I choose YYY. I think that some of the testing
companies have good sources and examples for this kind of discussion,
but putting the links in one place would be a great idea.

Managing a surname project - helpful resources for us administrator
types - everything from where to put web sites, what needs to be done,
pointers to what we consider very well managed projects. For example,
mine is very "beginner" in terms of my web site - but without some
others to draw from, I wouldn't have even really known how or where to
start. Drawing the DNA family tree - etc. For many people, the DNA
stuff is new, the anthropology is new, and the technology in terms of
web sites is new too. Many of us have discovered really helpful ways to
do things, and have also discovered ways NOT to do things - no point in
having everyone recreate the wheel.

Basics of DNA - the foundation stuff - along with a glossary of terms
and definitions - I have 2 or 3 resources I send people to for this - we
probably all use the same sites for this I'd guess - but again - in one

Test Results MTDNA - I have my results back, now what do they mean and
where can I look to ferret out more information. How do I reasonably
use these results? For examply, I don't think I ever did figure out how
to use Blast correctly, which data to enter, etc. Haplogroup,
haplotype, differences and what does it really mean?

Test Results Yline - same as above.

Test Results DNA Print - OK, I know this is a hot potatoe - but I think
some resources still need to be available here. It is one of the "big
three", so to speak.

Other testing results - same as above.

Advanced references - the nitty gritty details - the "more than you ever
wanted to know section".

Library references - links to papers, FTDNA library, pubmed, other study
resources etc.

Specialty topics - NA, Jewish, Melungeon, Icelandic project, David's
Shetland project, Charles Germanic project, SSA, others I can't think
of right this minute. One last suggestion here is security - I have
encountered a lot of unease surrounding this topic - so far not a huge
issue - but the issue is there and not likely to go away.

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