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From: Charles <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] "Newbie" Resources, Links - A Proposal
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 14:39:36 -0500
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Sounds like a good plan. Once you have a URL established for the master
"Resource" page, Ann can include a link to that URL in the "Welcome
to the List" email that everyone gets when they subscribe to the list.
Ann can give it some special words of introduction such that "newbies"
to the list would be steered to it and encouraged to visit the
"resource" page for newbies. Subscribers are told in that original email
to save it. So having the Newbie resource page in that saved initial
email will allow newbies to go back to it later if they need to.

Looking forward to seeing your resource page. I would hope that one
section of it would include links to other "help and resource" pages
such as mine and others already up there in various surname projects,
such as Mr. Duerinck's, etc. Here is the URL for my info and resource

Thanks for volunteering.


David Faux wrote:

> Hello Listers:
> Since I started this thread I suppose that it is my responsibility to develop an action plan.
> There seems to be general agreement that it would be advantageous to newcomers to the List (and probably the rest of us "oldtimers" too) to have a one stop location listing sites (and providing links) by topic (e.g., General Information for those New to Genetics and DNA; DNA Testing Labs; Examples of Surname Studies; mtDNA Databases; etc.). I already send a lot of this info to my Shetland Islands Project participants by e-mail once their test results are available. Since it is my understanding that messages coming directly via Rootsweb will be a bit "spartan" (e.g., no underlining, bold print, etc.), I will construct a rough draft of this resource "kit" on my website this weekend and post a link to it likely early next week. At that point people can offer constructive feedback (errors and omissions). What we wish to do with the resource bank at that point is an open question. It could be transferred to another site, or left where it is. If we did leave it on my site,
> hen when
> new information becomes available I can easily add or remove as circumstances dictate.
> Therefore, for the moment, please allow me to frame in something that hopefully will be a reasonably close approximation to what we can all agree upon, then after my posting of the link next week, List members can assist with the fine tuning (or major overhaul). Ok, its my day off, so I might as well get started now. Thanks for all your input so far (I have read all the postings), and we will see if I can do justice to the project.
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