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Subject: [DNA] Wayne Joseph story on Nightline tonight, November 21
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 16:08:26 EST

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> Nightline Daily E-Mail
> November 21, 2003
> TONIGHT'S FOCUS: How do you define race? Is it the color of your skin, the
> type of hair, or the way you live your life? Is your race defined by society
> or by scientists or by how you see yourself? Tonight on Nightline, one man's
> experience grappling with the fundamental question of identity.
> Tonight we have another in our occasional series on race, America in Black
> and White, and it looks at perhaps the most fundamental question of race in
> this country: what makes you black or white? Correspondent Jim Wooten and
> producer Eddie Pinder bring us the story of Wayne Joseph, a 51-year-old high
> school principal. Wayne Nelson is a man who has lived the black experience and has
> written about the black experience. He has raised his son and daughter to be
> proud of their black heritage, a heritage he has been proud of himself. So
> he was intrigued after a seeing a story about a company that offered Ancestry
> by DNA, a test to find out just how much of him was African. The results were
> not what he expected at all and it made him readdress the age old question:
> "Who am I?"
> The question of race in America is the one that still defines us in a way
> that no other question does. At a time when Americans are fighting and dying
> overseas, Wayne Joseph points out that only Americans are consumed with racial
> identity. When terrorists target Americans, they are not targeting African
> Americans, Hispanic Americans or Asian Americans; they are targeting Americans.
> It is here at home where we have had the hardest time looking beyond what we
> define as our racial differences.
> It is a fascinating and provocative story. Is race a biological or social
> construct? Chris Bury will anchor the broadcast and he will be talking to a
> scientist to examine some of these questions about science versus social
> organization.
> We hope you will be able to join us.
> Madhulika Sikka and the Nightline Staff
> ABCNEWS Washington bureau

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