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From: Charles <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Suitable Internet Site for "Newbies" Already Exists - AnAddendum
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 16:55:14 -0500
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Ann could include the link to his site in the welcome email too, but if
I may point out, I have a link to Alan Savin's website to order his book
in my "Recommended Books" list in my resource page. Check out the
section "Recommended Books" and click on that link in my resource page.
I can embellish the wording for his book to point out that it is an
excellent one for beginners.


David Faux wrote:

> In the Detective Columbo sense of the expression, "Oh, just one more thing". I have gone on record as recommending an Internet site for "Newbies" and others - that of Charles Kerchner (who is a member of this List). It also occurs that, since some people would like to have a hard copy reference, that we also list Alan Savin's book, "DNA for Family Historians" - the URL to purchase same being Between these two resources our new subscribers to the List would have a good running start at obtaining a grasp of what they need to know to understand their DNA results and to fathom what the heck we are talking about in our various postings.
> Ok, thats it for me - if others, and in particular Ann our Listmaster concur, then it would be a very simple matter to add a couple of lines to the mesage sent automatically by Rootsweb to new subscribers. It makes good sense to me - but to others?
> David F.
> David Faux <> wrote:
> Listers:
> Just before I began my project to compile information useful to both newcomers to the List, as well as helpful sites for those of use more versed in the subject matter, I clicked on the site created by Charles Kerchner and found at Glad I did. Clearly since I last checked it has expanded to the point where it includes virtually all the topics and sites that I had in mind. If any of you have not looked into this comprehensive yet very user friendly portal, I suggest you do so and verify my present perception that it is more than sufficient to serve as our List resource kit that would be noted (with suitable emphasis on its importance) in the e-mail new subscribers receive. Why reinvent the wheel. I was all set to devote my weekend to a project that has already been completed!
> I vote that we designate the website of Charles Kerchner as our "official" List site. Ann, you will have to make the final decision.
> By the way, congratulations on a fine job Charles. I very much appreciate your contribution to this List.
> David F.

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