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Subject: [DNA] Slow moving markers
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 17:44:36 EST

In a message dated 11/21/2003 4:56:39 PM Eastern Standard Time,

> <SO the actual mutation rate
> of the slow movers must be MUCH slower than 0.002. If true, this would
> confirm that it is correct to use the slow ones only, to look back in time
> 1000 years. And yes there will be the odd case of a father and son
> differing on DYS 390 etc but this will be rare. Signing off till Monday.>


Your posts make a lot of sense to me. Like many, I'm trying to make sense
out of the various conflicting theories. Not being a statistician or
geneticist, technical language really does not help me too much!

I 've been thinking that a formula separately incorporating the slow markers
and the fast markers -some kind of "adjustment" between the two - needs to be

I have a documented conventional lineage of at least 51 generatuions.
Average generation in my line is 33.5 years over 1700 years (Irish line in Ulster).
But well within that maximum, there are a number of families that have
branched off at points that can be accurately estimated in time. Yet, the FTDNA
"Genetic Distance" guidelines would suggest very questionable relationship, when
it's almost certain there is a closer relationship.

Len Keane,
KEANE, etc. Surname Project Administrator
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