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From: Bonnie Schrack <>
Subject: [DNA] Re: Public domain graphics for Family DNA project webpage?
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 23:48:09 -0500

Hi Dale,

You wrote:

>I'm in the process of putting together a webpage on a shoestring for
>what will be a new family DNA project, and would like to be able to
>use a few explanatory graphics for it that are already in the public
>domain. For example, one showing a helix, or a representation of the
>loci along a chromosome for various STR markers such as the 25 that
>FTDNA uses. Does anyone know where I can find graphics such as these
Yes, there are such graphics, in fact there is a huge collection of
nothing but DNA graphics that a guy has collected and put on the web.
Of course, now I'll have to see if I can find the darn URL...(among my
vast hoard of bookmarks...)

OK! Yes, here it is, a great resource. I've raided it extensively for
my web pages. :-)

Have fun!

As far as FTDNA, why not email Bennett, he might well be willing to help
you out in some way.

Would others on this list who have good scientific diagrams like to come


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