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Subject: Re: [DNA] Re: MARSH FAMILIES DNA PROJECT [Attention: newbies]
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2003 09:46:44 EST

In a message dated 11/22/03 1:30:43 AM Pacific Standard Time,

> A Marsh Families DNA project has been started. The web site for this
> project is at The project is open to any persons
> of surname Marsh, or variant spellings. The first few test results have
> now been received. Participants are invited.

Your web site is a prime example of why I suggest newbies visit a number of
surname projects. Many of them take pains to explain the process to their own
members, and sometimes one way of presenting the methods will "click."

> On the web site I have included several hundred links to web sites which
> have information on Marsh families, and referenced them to the counties or
> states where the earliest known members of the families came from. This may
> assist Marshes to find possibly related lines to test. I am attempting to
> build a useful resource for Marsh genealogical research generally, which is
> broader in scope than just DNA alone. DNA research works best when in
> conjuntion with conventional genealogical research.

This is also a great recruiting tool. It demonstrates your commitment to the
whole MARSH community, and proves you're not just a vampire out to collect
some blood (or saliva, in this case).

BTW, I did notice one thing about the site design -- I have to scroll left
and right to view the whole page. I don't know enough about HTML to suggest a
solution, though.

Ann Turner - GENEALOGY-DNA List Administrator
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