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Subject: [DNA] FW: Related after 3 generations?
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2003 12:21:47 -0500


I have never heard of anything this absurd. I am forwarding what my
surname co-administrator sent to me, along with his reply. I've removed
most of the names for privacy.

Any anyone on the list figure out where this might have come from or
make any sense out of the FBI commentary or put it in some kind of

Roberta Estes

This message was to my co-administrator which he forwarded to me. His
reply follows.

FROM: <removed>
I need help please.

I talked at length this morning with my nephew who is with the FBI.

He tells me that after three generations we are no longer related to our


we are linked by names but not by blood.

He says no one is related to one another after third cousins.

My line/ancestors:

James Anonymous , Sr.
Benjamin Anonymous
Green Berry Anonymous 1794-1854
Joseph Ryan Anonymous 1827-1870
James Harry Anonymous 1906 - 1962

So what he is saying I am only related to Green Berry Anonymous
Anonymous, his papa is not related to me, I am just in his name only
We are only researching our names and not who wer are related to.

So if James Anonymous , Sr. and Ann hadn't married in the 1700s, would
I be
here?? Does it not take one generation to make another.

He said this was taught in the FBI and DNA.

Help me please.....I am not educated in this and he is.

Please tell me he is wrong.


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Hi Sandra -

I could not help myself from responding to your pleas for information as
we all consider this at some time or another.

In the statement:

"He tells me that after three generations we are no longer related to
our ancestors."

It all depends on how you define and or interpret the term Related.
According to old faithful Webster, it means connected by blood or
marriage. Genetically speaking, its called DNA tracking. Genealogically
speaking, it means the connections from one's parents to their parents -
to their parents to follow a track "from whence they came."
I suppose there is more to being "related" but these are the most

Genealogical tracking was started in the Holy Bible - look at all the
begots and you will see what I mean. I carry another statements like
that in my E mail signature:

Remember the days of old, consider the years of many
ask thy father, and he will show thee; thy elders, and
they will tell thee."

Deuteronomy 32:7a

I have a simular circumstance as you describe in one of my ancestral
line. We have a documneted story where Peter Haps and wife had three
children. The youngest was born in late 1610 or early 1611. When the
plague struck later that year (1611), Peter Haps and his family all
perished except for the infant Joachim, who fortunately still possessed
his natural immunity, perhaps it was God's will that this baby lived or
perhaps by chance. What is certain, that thousands of future family
members would owe some part of their their existance to the survival of
this child. In this case, so many generations ago, who can say what his
genes has contributed to - or would have been changed in todays worlds.

There are documented cases where the DNA from living people have been
used to identify with people who died centuries ago. So, some part of
our ancestors still exists in all of us. Otherwise DNA testing would be

I have been resesarching my family for well over 50 yrears and have a
web site at <>; . I am also a
co-administrator of the ESTES Surname DNA Research Project.

These are our goals for the Estes Surname DNA Project:

To identify connections between the American Estes/Eastes/etc
lines to others around the world.

To validate the various American Estes/Eastes/etc lines back to
England and beyond.

To validate existing American records back to Abraham the
immigrant from England by testing descendents from each of his son's

To validate our existing research records

To prove or disprove the theories of the Estes connection to the
Este family in France, Italy and other parts of Europe.

To confirm or deny that Estes is a derivative spelling of Eustace
in England

To break down those "brick walls" in our research

We started in May of this year and have already 20 enrollees, one from
England. The preliminarty results are out standing/

Some very interesting and informative information is found at -
<>; ,

These are the people who are conducting our ESTE/EASTES/etc Surname DNA

Best Regards

Roy Eastes
USAF Retired
Gulfport, MS

If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything!
- Mark Twain

Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations:
ask thy father, and he will show thee; thy elders, and they will tell
Deuteronomy 32:7a

They are truly not gone, Unless they are
forgotten -

- anon


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