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From: Ron Lindsay <>
Subject: [DNA] Commercial Venture Aspect of DNA Testing Not The Issue
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2003 09:25:12 -0800
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Greetings Peter,

Unfortunately, the "commercial venture" aspect, that is sometimes expressed
by people regarding a Surname DNA Project, really has nothing to do with
that issue at all. If so it would be relatively easy to explain that to a
normally intelligent person.

In my opinion, here are two issues involved with what you are trying to
do. First, it may be difficult for most of us to understand, but there are
many "intelligent" people out there who will forever perceive "DNA testing
for genealogy purposes" as something close akin to heresy, witchcraft or
something we should "just leave alone". In this same vein, there are a
large number of "family genealogists" who are afraid (and rightfully so)
that this new found knowledge might expose and prove worthless the "cut &
paste" genealogies that have been created over the years and now accepted
as the gospel by family members.

The second issue is the work involved in creating and maintaining the DNA
Project results at a web site. As a web site owner and DNA Project
coordinator, I can tell you that this is no small task that you are asking
this person to accept and furthermore it is never ending since there are
constant changes as new people are tested. It would indeed be a great
shortcut for your surname project, but look at it from the same perspective
if someone asked you to become heavily involved or identified with
something that you have absolutely no personal interest or even worse if
you had some fear of what it might reveal to you. Even for a person with a
keen interest in the subject of Genetic Genealogy, this would be a big
commitment to ask them to undertake.

In conclusion, my advise to you is to "rapidly move on". There is little
hope of ever convincing this person that your surname project is something
worth their time. Even if you could eventually convince them to do the
job, it would most likely never be done as you would like to see it done.
You are wasting what could be precious time in getting your project started
since potential candidates for your project are dying each day.

As a parting thought, but certainly not of insignificant value .... there
is also nothing wrong with our understanding and acceptance of the opinions
and preferences of others, especially when they differ with ours.

I wish you much success in your new surname project. If you decide to
proceed with your project, I will be happy to share with you the tools and
methodology that were used to create and publish my web site.

Ron Lindsay
San Jose, CA

At 07:02 AM 11/22/03 -0800, you wrote:
>I'm in the process of starting a surname project for
>another male line of my family.
>I asked a Web master who has a major site for that
>surname if they would be willing to help support this
>project by linking to it on their Web site,
>encouraging males with that surname to join, and
>posting project updates on their site.
>Their response was "I'm not allowed to promote any
>commercial ventures on the pages at the [XYZ] site.
>Sorry. Maybe your intentions are good, but this
>would still be considered a commercial venture, so I
>can't provide any links to it."
>Should I just move on, or can you think of a way I
>might convince them that this is not a commerical
>Most sincerely, Peter

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