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Subject: Re: [DNA] Commercial Venture?
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2003 17:48:22 -0500 (EST)
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Peter wrote:
> Their response was "I'm not allowed to promote any
> commercial ventures on the pages at the [XYZ] site.
> Sorry. Maybe your intentions are good, but this
> would still be considered a commercial venture, so I
> can't provide any links to it."
> :-O
> Should I just move on, or can you think of a way I
> might convince them that this is not a commerical
> venture.

Here's a suggestion. First, determine whether that explanation
of the rejection was plausibly true -- inspect the [XYZ] site
and see for yourself whether there are any links to commercial
ventures. Remember that rootsweb, for example, is a commercial
venture. If there actually are such links there, then what you
got was a definite brush-off, and there's nothing you can do to
get around that. On the other hand, if the [XYZ] site is really
commerce-free, there's a chance that you could "sanitize" your
project web site by splitting it in two. One page would have
some discussion of the genealogy of the surname in question and
would outline some of the mysteries that are seemingly out of
reach for conventional genealogy and (once the project gets
going) would have a table of the DNA results and an explanation
of what they mean. There would also be links to other sites,
such as genetics glossaries, genetics educational sites, AND
your other page that explains how people can join the project.
You would explain to the webmaster that you just want him or
her to link to a page with the DNA results. If that's
acceptable, then do it.

John Chandler

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