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From: "Dennis Garvey" <>
Subject: [DNA] Y haplogroups in Turkey
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2003 15:07:46 -0800

Cinnioglu et al have just published a study of the Y chromosomes of 523
Turkish men in the journal Human Genetics. The paper includes both SNP and
STR results, and is a goldmine of information on STR haplotypes associated
with YCC haplogroups.

I've used the STR vs SNP information given in the paper to put together
allele frequency graphs. While the data are quite sparse for some
haplogroups, Cinnioglu's paper has the first STR haplotype information that
has been published for many of these haplogroups. Those graphs can be found

Dennis Garvey
Y-Chromosome Haplogroup Website

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