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From: "Nancy Pichette" <>
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2003 18:10:19 -0500
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I thought this was an excellent idea. I saved the links, and even posted
them on my DNA Website. I know I will be referring to them often. Funny the
next message after yours was someone asking for info and Charles sent a link
for her to follow. Seems the page of links for newbie's would just save
some typing for some, and would surely be appreciated.
Nancy Wiley Pichette
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Sent: Saturday, November 22, 2003 2:45 PM

> You know, I have made the simplest of suggestions twice - I give up.
> It appears that newcomers to the List will not be given any guidence by
the inclusion of one link to one site on the web which will get them started
and perhaps deflect some of the repeat questions that we see here that
reflect the fact that many don't have the basic understanding of the matter
to even formulate a clear question. It is not their fault - they are brand
new to the topic. I don't know why it is a "weak agenda". It involves
giving new subscribers a basic tool to get them started (and which will
serve as a reference guide at later points). Common sense folks. I don't
know if there is some hidden agenda of which I certainly am not aware.
What, so "let them eat cake"? I feel a responsibility to help those
struggling with the topic, but I also expect that they will have done a bit
of homework first. It seems that there is a "sink or swim" attitude afoot.
In addition to being a clinician, I am also a teacher. I have a textbook
for every course I teach. It !
> is an
> esssential tool. Is the concept different on an Internet List where we
speak of SNPs like everyone should know what this means. How many times has
Ann or others given a definition of this one term?
> Clearly I am fazed and dazed by what I perceive to be an unfathomable
response to this matter by a cadre of individuals. I am shifting gears for
the moment - active to passive. I will join the ranks of the "lurkers" - I
really need to spend more time working on my newest publication. I trust
that those who e-mail me with various questions will understand that for the
moment I need to take a break. Good luck all.
> David F.
> Jim Hull <> wrote:
> Thanks to all who privately e-mailed me with their comments and
> of the so-called "Newbie Scenario" which, of late, seems to be a weak
> for this website. Interestingly, the theme of the e-mails I received seems
> to be that "all of us are "newbies" to DNA genealogy...we all need to
> and be a part of the DNA agenda...the learned must tolerate the
> I especially liked a comment from one person who said, "With "their"
> website, they can control the agenda, set the ground rules, filter out the
> "have-nots" and demand an offering for the rite of passage."
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