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Subject: RE: [DNA] If you are up and reading this be sure to watch Nightline
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2003 17:49:30 -0600
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Mr. Joseph was registered as a Negro on his birth certificate in New Orleans
but 50 years later he find outs thru a DNAprint test that he is more
Indo-European than anything (forgot the actual percentages) had native
American and European but 0 percent African in his genetic makeup.... But
he, and his good friends of all ethnic groups, were amused that he spent
this $600 to find out who he was when they already knew him for what he
was...a "good friend"... Even his black friend had got used to calling him
"homeboy" and joked about his apparently not being black now..

However, Mr. Joseph's 70+ year old Mom said that she didn't care as she was
used thru the years of her life being termed as colored, Negro, Black, and
now African American.... She really tickled me with her very positive and
insistent attitude...and said she would remain black.. The daughter and son
were brought up to be proud of their African American heritage and rightly
so....but now were in a quandary, and a little amused, by their fathers
DNAprint results as he was....

As for Mr. Joseph, a school principal, noted that next time the census came
out he would forgo all the other classifications and put Native American as
he was born here in American..... He is the kind of guy that I would like
to have for a neighbor...nice fellow.

And toward the end of the of the white co inventors of the
DNAprint test (forget his name) had previously tested more African American
than did the dark-skinned and black haired Mr. Joseph.....and the other co
inventor Dr. Frudakis had much American Indian in him which was not

All in all the Nightline narrator hit the nail on the head....why ask on the
census about race when clearly many of us know nothing about our genetic
heritage.... And used the old bromide that color is skin-deep
DNA testing was changing our perceptions and attitudes about the word called


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Will you please give us a sysopsis of this Nightline, as I was awake but it
didn't show in Australia.
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> All listers:
> If you are up and reading this be sure to watch Nightline tonight.

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