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From: "Lowe DNA" <>
Subject: FW: [DNA] Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2003 11:58:12 -0600


"I believe that Relative Genetics will not make any money from the matching
done on the database. But they will make money on the analysis of the DNA
which they should if they plan to remain in business. I can not say if the
project will be making the database searchable on-line without using
Relative Genetics to do the searching."

My grandma taught me that no one spends money without a purpose....What is
the cost of 100,000 samples....?

Let me think...I have a DNA database of 100,000 individuals with DNA
information going back 4 generations with medical and perhaps disease
related information with familial lineages.......hummmmm??? Let me think
what application I could this to good use.....would a drug company like to
tap into our database....would the pool of medical and insurance related
databases like to have our information......can we link this up with other
college and academically related databases or perhaps govt. databases....The
possibilities are endless for a good business person with a huge, and
continually growing, amount of correlated information...... And I don't
have disclose anything to anyone anytime about any test or any results or
worry about liability......Wow...what a deal.....!!

Oh yes, and grandma always said one other thing....."follow the money"...

On the other hand, if this mysterious company project would answer questions
and results were disclosed to the participant on a group (not individual
basis)....then maybe my apprehensions would disappear...until then....I
remain a skeptical curmudgeon...


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