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From: "ernest hurst" <>
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2003 13:34:08 -0500

I believe that I'm pretty much a Newbie myself, since I've only been on
the list a little over a year and have zero background in science,
medicine, genetics or statistics, but I want to get my two cents worth in.
A lot of people subscribe to the list with the same background (or lack of
same), but have been involved in family history research for a long time.
In many cases they (myself included) have been on various surname lists for
years, and do not pay any attention to the introductory e-mail when they
subscribe to a new Rootsweb list. I'm not saying this is right, but mine
went in the trash within a day or two of subscribing. Thats why I
believe including any links in this introductory letter is not the end-all,
but needs to be reinforced on an ongoing basis.

Since this list is all about DNA and DNA testing, and most all testing will
eventually be done by some commercial entity, I don't see any problem
with referring people to the various companies websites, which will be
doing (or offering) the testing. After all, a day seldom goes by when one
or more of these companies are not mentioned on the list. I know you could
not say anything, good, bad or indifferent, about the performance of any
company, but see no problem with using their explanations as a resource.
This would eliminate the endorsement of any one website and would
(hopefully) prevent any of the folks who have put in so much effort on
their surname sites from being offended. Many of the questions I see asked
(including many/most that I have asked) could be easily answered, with a
little reading, at one or more of these websites, IF they were easy to get
to. Thats why I think an e-mail ought to go to the list every month or so,
listing the companies and also emphasizing utilization of the list

Below the line ******* is a possibility using some of the websites that I
have saved in favorites over the last year or so.

Subject: New subscribers to Genealogy-DNA list

There are three types of DNA testing that are currently used in conjunction
with Genealogy. They are:
1.Y DNA or paternal testing (fathers father and on back).
2.MT DNA or matrilineal testing (mothers mother and on back).
3.BioGeographical Ancestry testing (percentages of Sub Sahara African,
Native American, East Asian and Indo European ancestry).

Listed below are companies, along with links to their websites, which offer
one or more of these tests. There are other companies and organizations who
provide other products, but these are the ones most frequently mentioned
or discussed on the list. Many of your questions about DNA, as it relates
to genealogy, can be answered by reading the information provided by one or
more of these companies.

DNAPrint Genomics, Inc., a Sarasota FL based company, offers
BioGeographical Ancestry testing to determine your percentages of East
Asian, Indo European, Native American and Sub Sahara African ancestry and
is located at:

DNA Heritage, a UK, based company, offers Y DNA testing and is located at:

Family Tree DNA, a Houston TX based company, offers Y DNA testing, MT DNA
testing, BioGeographical Ancestry testing, other specialty products and
combinations of several of the above and is located at:

Oxford Ancestors, a UK based company, offers Y DNA testing and MT DNA
testing, as well as other specialty products and is located at:

Relative Genetics, a Salt Lake City UT based company, Y DNA testing and MT
DNA testing, as well as other specialty products and is located at:

Another excellent source of answers for your questions is the archives of
the Genealogy-DNA list. You can use the Rootsweb search engine to search
for a term or name, by year, or use your browsers search function to
search one month at a time at:

Ernie Hurst

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