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From: "Dennis Garvey" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Y haplogroups in Turkey
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2003 12:15:14 -0800


Good call - I hadn't spotted that. It does look like there is a calibration
difference of "1" on DYS461.

I have a paper by Gusmao et al (For Sci Int, 135, p150, 2003) of a study
that includes DYS461. Unfortunately those results just muddy the water even
more. The haplotypes that have DYS438=12 (which should be haplogroup R1b)
seem to mostly have DYS461=12 - which is different than both the Relative
Genetics and Cinnioglu's modal result for DYS461. Both Cinnioglu and Gusmao
cite the paper by White (Genomics, 57, p433, 2003) for their methods used on
DYS461 - so the calibrations should agree. But it looks like they don't.

So I have to say: "I don't know".

Anybody else have any ideas on this apparent calibration difference?

Dennis Garvey
Y-Chromosome Haplogroup Website

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