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Subject: RE: [DNA] Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2003 16:04:47 -0600
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I am glad you joined no one has mentioned "Mormons" yet as we all
concur that the Mormon Church is a Godsend to us genealogists and I would
not presume to slight any of our cousins who belong to this wonderful
Church.. But as I understand it this is a DNA testing project is a private
venture and not attached to BYU or the Mormon Church or its members.....

My that this is a one-sided project as I noted to
put your sample in the black box and nothing comes back to the submitter....

Why question, is this an altruistic effort by a company to gather 100,000
sample and pay for each the entire lot without consideration of any return
on their investment....and then "sit on" this information and the family
lineage information for their own research purposes...... Permission form or
no permission form....who is going to use this group information, for what
purposes, and will it benefit us, or be used to screen us......

Their website, as you commented below, does not state the end uses of this
data and who it will be shared with as a group... ...and until this is the
case...I shall continue to challenge this project....


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Ok, I said I was going to take a break for a while, but this one is so
straightforward I can't resist chiming in.

Think of this project as the molecular equivalent of the Mormon Churches
International Genealogocal Index which many of us have used to help create a
paper trail. Mr. Sorenson is a philanthropist who happens to be Mormon and
has dedicated himself to this project, which conforms to the goals of those
of the Mormon faith (baptising ancestors into the faith).

Unfortunately the website for the project is woefully non - specific,
mentioning things like "brick walls" but leaving much to the imagination.
Other sources indictate that his foundation is "working to build a database
of genetic family trees which will eventually enable people with blocked
genealogies such as adoptions, illegitimacies or missing records to trace
their origins". Furthermore, "eventually any individual will someday be
able to trace his or her family origins through this database" of 100,000

As an Anglican, and a genealogist, it just so happens that the Mormons and I
have common goals (but different motives). Their efforts (although
technically this is not officially a LDS - Momon project) are entirely
benign. If it wasn't for people of this faith and their dedication to
locating their ancestors, I would still be in the Dark Ages as far as my
genealogical research is concerned

David F.

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