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Subject: RE: [DNA] Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2003 22:48:06 -0600
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The Mormon organization and their libraries have always been first class and
the help that they provide is truly I depend on their online
site many times per week to get started on new families....

However I still am going to reserve my judgment on this current project
involving 100,000 folks until we get clarification from the project
leads....If this study will truly benefit mankind....then great... However
if this database will be utilized for other commercial purposes, it might
change attitudes for that large group now on the sidelines that plan to be
tested in the near future...and set back genetic testing that is just
getting started.......

Hope you are right...


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Subject: RE: [DNA] Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation

Bill: Perhaps it reflects my generally trusting nature, and although the
LDS Church is not officially sponsoring this project, individual stakes are
serving as the channel through which most of the data is (or was) being

On a personal level, the Mormons I know are among the most generous and
honest people. Ok, a stereotype, and there are a few bad apples, but they
offer their servies through the Family History Centers or at the Salt Lake
City repository for their imense collection to Church members and non -
members alike.

We don't know all the answers yet - but for the present I am going to assume
that they (although I know it is not an official Church project, but they
are heavily invested in the project), through Mr. Sorenson, will be as
generous with the DNA database as they have been with free access to the
huge IGI, the Ancestral File, census records on - line as well as charging a
nominal fee that can at best only cover postage to order microfilm copies
of, for example, English parish registers. My assumption is that Mr.
Sorenson sees his good fortune as a gift from God, and he is willing to
share whatever findings emerge from the research as a way to give back
something of great significance to the community at large. What an
incredible legacy to leave.

David F.

Lowe DNA <> wrote:

I am glad you joined no one has mentioned "Mormons" yet as we all
concur that the Mormon Church is a Godsend to us genealogists and I would
not presume to slight any of our cousins who belong to this wonderful
Church.. But as I understand it this is a DNA testing project is a private
venture and not attached to BYU or the Mormon Church or its members.....

My that this is a one-sided project as I noted to
put your sample in the black box and nothing comes back to the submitter....

Why question, is this an altruistic effort by a company to gather 100,000
sample and pay for each the entire lot without consideration of any return
on their investment....and then "sit on" this information and the family
lineage information for their own research purposes...... Permission form or
no permission form....who is going to use this group information, for what
purposes, and will it benefit us, or be used to screen us......

Their website, as you commented below, does not state the end uses of this
data and who it will be shared with as a group... ...and until this is the
case...I shall continue to challenge this project....


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