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From: "B.J.H." <>
Subject: [DNA] re ; testing cousins dna
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 11:24:24 -0500

Hello Katheryn ( K.H addad ); I approached my cousin (28 yrs.old ) through his mother ,it took a while to even convince her ,to pass the message on ,& that the DNA was not going to be used ,or was even able to be used ,for anything other than genea. purposes . It was his wife, I believe, who convinced him, because I offered Y & MtDNA tests, he did become curious re his Dads background . It didnt hurt that I offered to pay ,either.! His wife s response to that ," go for it " . I guess because they are much younger than me ,it may have been a slightly easier sell. Just thought I d add this to the debate. B.J.H. Toronto,Canada. .

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