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Thought I would send this bit on Wayne Joseph that was featured on
Nightline... Perhaps they will take my suggestion serious....


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Dear Bill,

Thank you for writing Nightline and sharing your thoughts on our DNA
broadcast and your suggestion for a prime time special. Our production
staff always appreciates hearing viewer comments - both positive and
negative - as it helps us reflect on past broadcasts and plan for future

Thank you again for sharing with us, and we hope you continue to watch

ABC News Nightline

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from =
name = Bill Bailey
question = I really enjoyed your program with Wayne Joseph and his reaction
to the DNAprint test and that he is apparently not a African American...and
the feelings of his mother and two children.... A good human interest story
into what we have been told, believe to be the truth and what science will
tell us about the real truth of our humanness..

However....almost missed it as no advance trailer was shown on prime many children ought to see this type of they can
understand that everyone has a story to tell.....and how genetic genealogy
can help us understand our ancient pasts.

Please do an hour show on prime time on DNA testing, it ramifications, and
how it will impact the our, and the next generation.....socially,
economically, politically, medically, and otherwise.



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