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No...just a page with the four subgroups and percentages: 57 percent
Indo-European, 39 percent Native American, 4 percent East Asian – and zero
percent triangle was shown. I have always been critical of
the variances in the DNAprint test percentage results and the
non-repeatability of their tests per my earlier emails on this forum...

My interest was the human side of Wayne Joseph reaction to the fact that he
was no long a Negro, Black, or African American as his Mother had told
him...and the calm amazement on his face at learning this news. And my
email to ABC network was to try to have them to report on DNA testing that
will educate and ultimately benefit all of us if it is done

And per my email just a minute ago to one of the elder members, like myself,
at this site just a minute ago on this current topic and to express my
feelings about this test......

" However, until DNAprint posts the results of their test data online so we
can look at it for ourselves...I don't know how to really criticize their
overall test and/or get them to make changes that validate their test
against all the known "races" of peoples....Personally, until a block of
100+ Scandinavians, 100+ eastern Asians, +100 American Indians including
Amazon tribes, 100+ Australian Bushman, and a 100+ Bantu Tribesman take this
test and the results are posted online for customers to browse and that
clearly show that their test works 99.9% of the time, is repeatable and the
percentage variances have been reduced....I will not pay for a DNAprint

Note the email address of NIGHTLINE on the email attached....Hope that you
and the other members of this forum will follow my lead and write them with
your concerns and interest on unbiased and objective DNA testing; and,
request more news reporting on this topic and other DNA testing and how it
will impact us.......


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I did not have a chance to see Nightline on Friday, and I am curious
about one thing in particular. Did they show the triangle plot for
Wayne Joseph? Having now seen a photo of Mr. Joseph, I can understand
why he was surprised at the results presented as "hard" numbers. What
puzzles me is that he and ABC News could go through the exercise of
all the interviews and not come to realize how soft those numbers
really are. (They obviously did not realize it, since the program was
ultimately deemed newsworthy.)

John Chandler

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