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Belive this story was first posted to the list by "MaryAsaWoman" Mary, with
the cats on Oct 27.

The URL for the story is:


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> John:
> Nightline did NOT show Mr. Joseph's triangle plot. They did show his
> Certificate of Ancestry, which stated that the results could vary by +
> or - 2.5%. While there were statements by the Nightline staff, Mr.
> Joseph, Mark Shriver, and Lee Silver (of Princeton), to the effect that
> the numbers were subject to a fudge factor, NOBODY attempted to quantify
> that fudge factor. That drove me nuts!
> David:
> I think Mr. Joseph must have taken Y-chromosome and mtDNA tests,
> because it was mentioned that he paid $600 for the testing, this past
> April. He had to get more than the DNAPrint test. However, they didn't
> mention any other tests or results.
> Steven:
> There wasn't the slightest mention of any knowledge of Indian ancestry
> among his family members. But, I thought the article first brought to
> this list (?by Ann), did say this came out when he questioned his mother
> and other relatives. (Have to check on that.)
> Ray Whritenour
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