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From: "Annie, The WritingTeacher" <>
Subject: [DNA] Notes on E3a Y chromosome expansions
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 22:52:08 -0800

For those Y chromosomes found in Southern Europe that have either an African
or Middle Eastern or Indian (South Asia) origin, E3a is found widely from
Pan-Africa to the Levant and beyond to India.

Y chromosome E3a origin is also found in Middle East. For example the
ancient Phoenicians came to Portugual, Spain and Carthage. E3a also is found
in Lebanon/Syria. However, in the book titled, The Real Eve, by Stephen
Oppenheimer, his chart includes E3 in "Pan Africa" also as well as Middle
East. If you're talking only about the female side mtDNA, then usually L1,
L2, L3 is African. L3 left Africa for all other branches. And there are
probably branches still not yet found. Other mtDNA types include
non-African. So for E3a, yes, it is found in Africa, but it is also found
among the Lebanese and in the Levant area. Many areas of Portugual were
settled in the Bronze Age by the Phoenecians from Lebanon and Cyprus. Later,
Africans (about 10%) settled in Cape Verde and then in Portugal and much
later with the slave trade from Africa, in Portugual around 1450. The
original inhabitants of the Canary Islands also inlcude the North African
mtDNA U6, which migrated from the Levant in prehistoric times. However,
don't rule out Lebanon which populated Carthage (Phoenecians). It could be
either Middle Eastern peoples or Pan-Africa haplotypes that brought E3a to

In Portugual more L1, L2, and L3 mtDNA African ancestry comes from the
female side (mtDNA) rather than male E3a Y chromosome side, but you can't
rule out anything. Yes, E3a is found not only in Africa (Pan-Africa) and
also in India, but also all over the Middle East, especially in
Lebanon/Syria/Cyprus. So anything is possible.

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