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From: "Gaila & James Merrington" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Re: NIGHTLINE via ABCNEWS - DNAPrint
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 18:17:06 +1100
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If I had seen Mr Joseph here in Sydney, I would have thought he was Indian
(the Subcontinent) extraction. Still its hard to determine from a
photograph. And we are influenced so quickly by language. Indians have a
quaint turn of phrase, that one can often pick up.
"I am wishing you a Happy Birthday". I think the DNA print test is only
good for majority traits.

I met a friend of a friends and thought he was Italian but he was Armenian.
Seriously, we all look more alike than we think. And our Y DNA is closer
than we think throughout the races. Pretty amazing really. I guess that Y
DNA doesn't influence looks so we might see more differences in those
> A picture of Mr. Joseph was posted via this List. His phenotype is that of
> an African - American. If I saw him walking along the streets of LA, I
> not even question the assumption. He was raised as an African - American,
> his phenotype clearly suggests some African ancestry, and we are to take
> word of one DNA test that there is no genetic basis for his self -
> identification as such.
> *********************
> I watched it and believe me, he doesn't look a bit like he's African in
> way except for a wide nose.... but that's not just an African trait.
> To me, he looks more like a cross between an Indian (from India) and a
> Native American. It also showed his mother who looked very much like a
> skinned Indian (from India) with some Caucasian mixed in. I would never
> even guessed any African blood in her at all.

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