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From: K Haddad <>
Subject: [DNA] Nightline DNA Report
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 02:26:26 -0800 (PST)

The man in question went into shock because he was no longer African American. Just because his father's side way way back was white, it doesn't mean his mother's side was. Unless, of course, they combined the mtDNA and Y-DNA scores.

Second, Nightline slanted it the way that would make "better" news. The interviewer kept emphasizing the subject's disappointment that he wasn't all African-American. Seems like every question was slanted that way. It was like the way lawyers do in court to try to get the witness to testify in favor of his/her client. I doubt they wanted him to bring up the other nationalities because they wanted to center around the African-American angle, and even used such hot words as "prejudice." Further, at the end when they interviewed a DNA specialist, I do not recall that they allowed him to say what percent of error there is in the test; they just allowed him to say there was some. Again, his answers depended on the form the questions took. Mr. Joseph obviously was interested in knowing what his background was besides African American or he wouldn't have had the test done in the first place. To people who understand even the little that I do about DNA, the show was obviousl!
y slanted
and one-sided to make "better" news.


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