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From: Ó Flannagáin <>
Subject: [DNA] DNA Heritage Results
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 9:08:19 -0500

Just a quick note to the list that I have received results from DNA Heritage. I had FTDNA's 25 marker analysis done back in May and decided to obtain DNA Heritage's test partly as a cross check and partly to obtain values for the markers that they test which are not covered by FTDNA. All of those markers that are tested by both companies yielded identical results. I had wondered since we have no matches yet in our Flanagan surname project. We only have 6 participants with 5 results back right now - none are matches at this point which was a surprise, since we had a strong paper trail on myself and another participant and another came from the same geographic area as my ancestor did albeit my ancestor left 200 years ago for Kentucky. I am very distant from all the other participants whose distance is calculated by FTDNA at 2-3 - for me the calculated distance is 6 for all of them, with DYS390 accounting for much of that. Three participants have a value of 23 for 390, one 24, !
and my value is 26. That wide difference is one of the reasons that I wanted to verify the values. :) We have a 6th participant who is the first in the project to be able to trace his ancestry to Ireland within the past 150 years. I am hoping to find more folks willing to participate from Ireland or whose roots in Ireland are traceable.

Gary F.

Abdul-Salaam Gary MacRuaidhri Ó Flannagáin

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