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From: Shane <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Ireland, Scotland and Wales - Y-DNA Matches
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 16:50:00 -0600
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My ancestors in all likelihood didn't come from the countries you mentioned,
though I do seem to have quite a few matches in Ireland and Scotland. Don't
know if they would be useful to you. But I would be very interested in your

I have noticed something that has me concerned about the Haplogroup database
though. On a couple of my countries (Shetland and Iceland) I have the same
number of one-step matches as in my REO data. This leads me to believe these
Haplogroup results are skewed by surname results, just like the REO. I guess
these people all had their haplogroup confirmed as well. Doesn't make much
sense to me to have more than one person take this test when you all have
the same haplotype and surname. But that must have been the case. Either
that, or I've got some compelling ancestry evidence!

I wish there was a database that had a deep pool of test results that wasn't
skewed by surname projects or limited to only haplogroup confirmations.
Maybe then we would have solid evidence to determine ancestry patterns.


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