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From: Patrick Guinness <>
Subject: [DNA] Measuring Genetic Distances
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 08:36:36 +0000

At 10:13 am -0700 25/11/03, Bruce Walsh wrote:
>I'll be addressing the statistical and population genetic aspects.
>Interesting, Arizona has not yet used Y chromosome markers and Mike
>and I will serve as experts for the State in this case. (Note that
>ftDNA has no vested interest, one way or the other, in forensic
>applications, and is no way involved in any aspect of this trail
>other than having two of its scientific advisors testifying as
>members of the Faculty of the University of Arizona

Your FTDNA knowledge can still be useful to some extent. You'll both
be able to confirm that one Y-haplotype is not unique per surname,
once a survey reaches several dozen. Useful to exclude suspects
quickly, perhaps.

Patrick Guinness

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