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From: "sj phdoc" <>
Subject: [DNA] Haplotype C and R1b
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 13:36:41 -0800

I am the admin for the Menary DNA project using the FTDNA lab. We trace our
roots to N. Ireland.

While I only have two results back one of them was not the expected R1b but
rather a Haplotype C whis is defined " found throughout mainland Asia, the
south Pacific, and at low frequency in Native American populations.
Haplogroup C originated in southern Asia and spread in all directions. This
lineage colonized New Guinea, Australia, and north Asia, and currently is
found with its highest diversity in populations of India."

393- 13
390- 26
19/394- 16
391- 10
385a- 13
385b- 16
426- 11
388- 13
439- 11
389-1 - 12
392- 11
389-2 - 28

This man traces his roots to N. Ireland with paper documentation but his DNA
is anything but. What do I tell him? Would a Haplotype C person have Easter
Indian charachteristics? He doesn't appear to nor does his ancestors photos.

Thank you for your words of wisdom on this one,

Susan J.

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