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From: Andrew Bond <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] Is there anyone on the list that can give me a conclusive answer as to which rule is the "Standard Rule for the 12 marker world standard test".
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2004 05:33:03 -0800 (PST)
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Richard, I answered you question yesterday, but it seems that if you don't get the answer you want then you ignore it.

Most likely, the reason you matched 11/12 to others in your putative line is because you have a very common haplotype. You match other surnames in Ybase at this level. So when you have a common haplotype and match others in your project, the next thing to do is move up to the 25-marker test. That is exactly what you did. The results (16/25) from that anaylsis show that you are most likely not related/descended from this line.

Therefore, you either made a mistake with your research (which you say is impossible) or there was a non-paternity event in your background (which you naively say could not happen). By the way, Richard, since you listen to people with doctorate degrees, I will state that I have a Ph.D. in molecular genetics.

Andrew Bond

Richard Cottrell <> wrote:
>Mr. Hurst,

>Well the first statement is from documentation that came with my 12 marker >certificate. And the "you are related but probably much more distantly", and >while that maybe just one sentence it came from a person that has a Ph.D..

>I did do my research on the subject before I took the test.

>And there is no 'non paternity event' for anyone in the lines.

>Thanks, anyway for the reply.

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