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Subject: RE: [DNA] Why would adultery or infidelity show up on paperwork?
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2004 19:42:29 -0500
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I discovered just this week when I got a new genealogy/history book from
Halifax Co. Tennessee that not one, but two of my ancestors were
descended from "upright citizens" illegitimately. In one case, the
mother gave the son the father's last name as his middle name. They
could have married, I wonder why they didn't. But the real shocker was
the second one where the "Reverend Alexander Gordon" of the Chruch of
England impregnated his young housekeeper in 1763 and was then brought
before the court not for bastardry or such but for "keeping ahd
harboring women that were lewd and of ill fame in his house". Case
dismissed. Child born. The Reverend paid his overseer to marry the gal
- 202 acres to be exact. Poor kids alternately went by the name of Jack
Younger (his mother's name), Jack LeGrand (his step-father's name) and
Jack Gordon. So sometimes the rakes, scoundrels, ministers and upright
citizens are hard to distinguish and/or are one and the same. This is
interesting if nothing else.


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