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Subject: Re: [DNA] Human Evolutionary Genetics & Jefferson haplotype
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 23:52:41 EST

In a message dated 02/04/04 4:04:37 PM Pacific Standard Time,

> In the last chapter, the authors briefly describe the Jefferson -
> Hemings case. There's a very nice diagram showing all the parties
> involved and their haplotypes. Unfortunately the particular STRs used
> are not identified! It says, details may be found in Foster's 1998
> article in Nature (anyone have it?). However, in case anyone can make
> sense of it, here are the numbers for Jefferson's YSTR haplotype:
> 15, 12, 4, 11, 3, 9, 11, 10, 15, 13, 7
> (How about that "3"?)

The Jefferson data from the Foster paper has DYS389 broken down into
DYS389A-B-C-D. DYS389-1 is C+D, and DYS389-2 is A+B+C+D. The last item listed
is DXYS156Y (an STR that is found on both the X and Y chromosomes). For
comparison with current terminology, Jefferson's results are

DYS19 = 15
DYS388 =12
DYS389-1 = 12
DYS389-2 = 27
DYS390 = 24
DYS391 = 10
DYS392 = 15
DYS393 = 13

This is quite a rare haplotype, and not really close to any of the major
European haplogroups. I wonder if we could talk any of the present-day Jeffersons
into getting a SNP test!

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