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Subject: Re: [DNA] A Rule of 37
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2004 10:48:31 EST

In a message dated 02/06/04 4:10:39 PM Pacific Standard Time,

> >"What we really need is 20,000 father-son pairs
> >tested at EACH marker, that is, what people are
> >calling 20000*37 = 740,000 meioses."
> .....for each surname haplotype.....since mutation rates vary between
> family surname haplotypes.

Which surnames have enough transmission events to show a statistically
significant difference (either high or low)? I didn't think there were any, but if
there are, I'd like to check the haplogroup/haplotype and cross-reference it
with data from Dupuy's recent paper.

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