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Subject: RE: [DNA] UNSUBSCRIBE [A bit of homework first?]
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 17:05:30 -0500
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David, as one who came in as an experienced Surname Project Manager, and was
also nearly overwhelmed, your suggestion might help. For me, it would have
depended on what reference info was posted. My problem was (and still is to
some extent) in understanding the projects that are not y-chromosome. If
your idea ever takes root, please give the reference for the other parts
too. With postings running 1000+ per month, I have not figured out how to
mine the trove of info buried in thousands of messages in the archives. (I
must have a learning disability on Rootsweb's search engine, as I get
nothing or everything -but I do just fine on Google and GenForum)

Another issue that almost caused me to drop off immediately was the sharp
tone that some posters use. I have participated in a number of other boards
and lists and am accustomed to very polite discussions.


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Subject: Re: [DNA] UNSUBSCRIBE [A bit of homework first?]

On the one hand I can see that "newbies" may feel overwhelmed, and so adios.
This List is not for everyone.

On the other hand I have said this once, and I will say it again - the
attrition and frustration rate could be attenuated by giving each new member
of the List a mere half a dozen references to read which provide background
to enable someone walking in "cold" to at least get the drift of what we are
talking about. How can we expect anyone to have a clue about issues
surrounding a particular STR marker unless we give them some basic tools? I
was voted down before in relation to this issue by a few c-vr-ns whose
rationale made no sense to me.

Thus, after accessing say 3 recommended sites (some with Genetics 101 info),
a person is in a much better position to frame a question which us oldtimers
can properly address. It is not realistic in genealogy nor genetic
genealogy that someone be handed an answer on a silver platter. When I see
that someone has been struggling for a while, but some concepts don't sink
in - hey, I can relate to that and am more than happy to assist (after they
have done their homework - but they need a set of tools in order to begin
their homework assignment). The ever opinionated,


Sigh -- please excuse me (and my mouse). I meant to send that message to the
individual's e-mail address.

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